Services - Event Coverage

Paul Cotton Films will capture your entire event. Whether you need just a single camera man to unobtrusively document your performance or you need a team of professionals to produce a concert DVD, we have an inexpensive solution for you. We appreciate that every event is very different and every production has it's unique challenges. Our attention to detail and pre production process guarantees that we'll be ready to produce the professional product that you require.

If you're looking to capture the energy that's in the air as your child performs on the national stage or you want some behind the scenes footage of your first big concert, we can accomodate you. We do weddings, sporting events, concerts, fund raisers, anniversaries and just about any other event that you'd love to have a memory of. When it comes to video production you get what you pay for. If you're serious about documenting your event than your'e not intersted in some mediocre home-video amateur production. We may not be the cheapest but we can guarantee that the professional quality product you recieve will be the least expensive solution in the end.

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