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If you're looking for professional video production for your company you've slightly over-navigated and you should click here to visit the 'Services' page. This 'Videos' page was created to profile assorted projects that I produced on my spare time for fun. Many of which were created, produced and screened in a 48 hour period. Read on for a short blurb about the videos or you can jump directly to the video using the links provided in the left hand navigation bar.

Okanagan Scenery

This is a quick edit featuring some of my favourite shots from the 2011 winter and spring. I'm having a great time playing with the seasonal timelapses.

2011 Winter and Spring shots from Paul Cotton on Vimeo.


'balance' is a look into the rapidly growing world of newschool skiing. As the title suggests, this short film was edited to profile all aspects of the sport. Big Mountain Lines, Terrain Parks & Half Pipes, and Jibbing. With a refreshing mix of high energy shots cut to an upbeat soundtrack, the audience is challenged to judge whether these athletes are crazy or just extremely talented, or maybe both. The athletes balance their desire to progress their skills with the obvious safety risks associated with high calibre skiing. The technicality of these disciplines is often overlooked by the general public so again a balance was needed to keep the entertainment value high enough to suit a non-skier but also technical enough to intrigue the most elite of freeskiers.
This footage was shot primarily in British Columbia's Coastal Range, the Monashee Mountain Range and the Canadian Rockies.

'balance' won the Peoples Choice award at Festival Auron in France in April 2006
It also won best documentary in the Okanagan Film Festival in 2006
Best Film - Sport & Tourism, Art&Tur - International Tourism Festival, Barcelos Portugal 2008
Board Shorts - Runner Up inTheBin Short Film Festival 2008
'balance' toured with the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

'balance' has been screened in more than 200 cities worldwide with an audience of well over 100,000.

Track list from 'balance' courtesy of Battleaxe Records
Sweatshop Union: 'The Answer', album 'Natural Progression'
Sweatshop Union: 'Radio Edit', album 'Natural Progression'
Swollen Members:'Paranoia', album 'Heavy'
Joey Chavez: 'The Badlands', album 'Music From The Connection'
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Big White Filmfest 2010

The Big White Filmfest 2010 is a compilation of the best of my footage from Big White shot in the 09/10 season. It's not surprisingly rather promo-ish as I do a fair but of promo work for Big White.


Follow Cam 101

The Follow Cam 101 was my submission to the Spring Fling Film Festival at Big White Ski Resort for 2008/09 season. Quite possibly my silliest video to date. This was my first time in front of the camera instead of behind the lens.

The Winemakers Cup

The Winemakers Cup is a ski race for the Okanagan's wine producers. Winery owners, winemakers, assistants and other industry employees were invited to Mt Baldy ski resort for this fun event. Paul Cotton Films was on hand to produce a hilite reel for screening after the awards dinner.

Snow Schralper and B-Squad

The Snow Schralper was produced in less than 48 hours and was made for the Big White Spring Fling Film Festival. This Hinterland Who's Who spoof is two minutes of Mitch Yrjölä magic. Prior to shooting this video I had met Mitch very briefly on two occasions. He clearly enjoyed the attention and was fun to hang out with. Until we started shooting I had no idea Mitch was such an animal.

The B-Squad took top spot in the 'professional' category of the Spring Fling Film Fest but if I remember correctly it was the only entry in that category. Of note in this film is the poorly 'blue-screened' 58' Chev that was shot using a blue tarp hung from a garage. Quite possibly the only high speed car chase on snow to ever be produced.

The Spring Fling at Big White is a super fun event. Not only is it the last weekend of skiing in the Okanagan every year but it is action packed and a great opportunity to see the rising talent the valley has to offer. Both on the slopes and in the indie film scene.

Gaper Days 2004-2007

Gaperday is an annual event that takes place at ski resorts across the country (world?) on the last day of skiing each year. Paul Cotton Films has been fortunate to attend and document many of these extrordinary days at Whistler-Blackcomb. Gaper Day 2007, Gaper Day 2006, Gaper Day 2005, Gaper Day 2004

Disturbing The Piste

DTP was a joint effort between Paul Cotton Films and Jib Culture Productions. This was produced over the 2003/2004 ski season. Many of the athletes featured have now moved into skiing's limelight and can be seen in Matchstick Productions, Teton Gravity Research, Poor Boyz Productions, and Warren Miller flicks.

Versys & The Playground

Versys was 2Track Productions second project. Paul Cotton Films acted as the west coast liason for the eastern based company. It was produced in 2002/2003. Note the teaser shown here is a collaborative effort.

Prior to the production of Versys was The Playground, considered 2Tracks best effort. Produced in 2001/2002 The Playground was nominated for 'Best Follow Cam' by Powder Magazine in Los Vegas for Paul Cotton's chase cam through Blackcomb park following skier Mike Nick.

Free Reign

Free Reign was the first project Paul Cotton Films edited on a non-linear system (computer editing). It features many of the talented athletes of the Okanagan that Paul grew up with. Free Reign profiles a wide range of sports including Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, BMX, and Motocross. It is also packed with tom foolery which many find very appealing. It was sold through out the valley and was surprisingly successful.